درباره محمدرضا آل‌خمیس

A freelance graphic designer for quite some time now, I have been well blessed to take the curve and learn the work all by myself. I have always found the on-field experience much more thirst-quenching, for it makes me see what the work is really all about; a factor that may not be thoroughly met only by attending theories and textbooks. I have had the privilege to act as art director in advertisement, culture and art sections at various governmental, private and non-governmental organizations, foundations and galleries. This all was so convincing that I continued to aspire in my field and provide a mixture of noble theories and practices in both technological and manual methods using different software and creative approaches to muster the expected result to my clients. My express intention is and will be to make a stop at no point in my career and try my utmost best to further my vision and neatly enhance my work as to inscribe my personal touch in every project and customize the outcome as instructed by clients at the same time.